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Trip to Ottawa


Hello Ladies and Gentelmen;


My trip to Ottawa was on the 08th of july 2011. We visited Parliament Hill,  a symbol of national pride for Canadians and one of the most significant heritage sites in Canada! It is the place where the nation of Canada was first created at Confederation.


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Let's me describe Parliament Hill : It is an area of Crown land on the southern banks of the  Ottawa River in downtown Ottawa.  Its  Gothic revival suite of buildings — the parliament buildings contains a number of architectural elements of national symbolic importance. This site attracts approximately 3 million visitors each year.

Originally the site of a military base in the 18th and early 19th centuries, development of the site into a governmental precinct began in 1859, after Bytown was chosen by Queen Victoria as the capital of the Province of Canada.











After that, we visited the national museum of civilization in Canada (social and human history). On the bottom level, we visited the big hall which explores the rich cultural heritage of the aboriginal peoples of Canada's west coast. We discovered the largest permanent exhibition about the history of the first people of Canada, their diversity and their traditional activities.

On the second level, we visited the Canadian postal museum. We discovered the history of postal communications. We visited also the Canadian children museum and the IMAX theatre.

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For the  half  journey of our visit, we couldn't see all monuments of Ottawa but we  had this opportunity to explore this beautiful city  and we got an  idea about the story of Canada.


Finally, I feel very happy about this trip to Ottawa. It was a good opportunity for us to discover many and different places in this nice, quiet and wonderful city. We recommend you to revisit the city of Ottawa.


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